terça-feira, 30 de agosto de 2011

Exile – Radio AM/FM (2010)

01. It’s Coming Down (Shafiq Husayn Remix) (Prod. By Shafiq Husayn)
02. Population Control (Samiyam Remix) (Prod. By Samiyam)
03. In Love (Milo1 Remix) (Prod. By Milo1)
04. Your Summer Song (Feat. J. Mitchell) (Prod. By Exile)
05. Were All In Power (Feat. Evidence, Krondon & Blame One (Prod. By Exile)
06. Population Control (Free The Robots Remix) (Prod. By Free The Robots)
07. Frequency/ It’s Coming Down (Knxwledge Remix) (Prod. By Knxwledge)
08. So We Can Move (P.U.D.G.E. Remix) (Prod. By P.U.D.G.E.)
09. Stay Here (Feat. Muhsinah) (Prod. By Exile)
10. So We Can Move (Feat. Co$$ & Aloe Blacc) (Prod. By Exile)
11. Population Control (Ruckazoid Remix) (Prod. By Ruckazoid)
12. Population Control (Feat. Grouch & Eligh) (Prod. By Exile)
13. Love Line (Feat. Blu) (Prod. By Exile)
14. In Tune (Assembly Line Remix) (Prod. By Assembly Line)
15. Mega Mix (Mike Gao Remix) (Prod. By Mike Gao)
16. It’s Coming Down (Feat. Alchemist & Evidence (Prod. By Exile)
17. Your Summer Song (Take Remix) (Prod. By Take)
18. In Love (Dj Day Remix) (Prod. By Dj Day)
19. Sound Is God (Feat. ADaD) (Prod. By Exile)
20. Mega Mix (Feat. Fashawn, Blame One, Big Tone & ADaD) (Prod. By Exile)
21. In Love (Clutchy Hopkins Remix) (Prod. By Clutchy Hopkins)
(Destaque p/ faixa 13 Love Line, muito classe)

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